Friday, April 16, 2010

CROSSES! ...and other tin objects! ;)

True vintage tin, straight from my Daddy's barn ;)

More sizes and styles to come!

small (Christmas ornament sized) $7.00
medium (about 10in long) $15.00
large (15-20in long) $30.00

Sets of three large tins are available for $60.00

!!NEW!! Tin Flowers!


Wreaths can me made with/without tin.

Choose colors/etc...

Currently there is only one standard size:
 It is about 16 inches in diamater.
$50.00 (with tin other accent)

Keep watching! Coming soon!
Football season themed wreaths!
State, Ole Miss, etc etc
College, High School, NFL
Anything you would like!
**House Divided**

Larger sizes in wreaths available!
Contact me for prices :)
(price depends on size and amount of detail you want.)



Bow Holders, like all my other items, are completely custom made! :)

Just let me know kind of what you are looking for, and I will handle the rest!

Currently there are two size styles:
Single (small) $10.00
Double (medium-large) $20.00

Below are some previous orders. More to come!!

Place your order today!


Ugg Boots are out....the summer is here!

My flop flops come from Old Navy (better quality) usually. --depending on what you may like. :)
Available in WOMEN'S and GIRL's sizes!!!
$15.00 Women's
$10.00 Girls'

Below are pictures of some I have made to order!

Just let me know your size and shoe/ribbon color preference and you can also be set for summer!


One of my new "projects" is baby bibs!

Below are some of the ones I have created, more pictures to follow!

Bibs are $7.00 each. :)


Below are samples of bows I have made. :)
Prices are usually (may depend on amount of ribbon, size, etc..)
small bows (0-1 yrs) $3.00
medium bows (1-3 yrs) $5.00
large bows (3+ yrs) $6.00

Bows can be made in any color you may want! If you do not see a color you like, just inquire and I will see what I can do! :) It is up to you!

I try and keep it as simple as possible, because I know it can be EASY to spend a fortune on bows!

Bald babies need bows too ya know!
Crochet headbands will do the trick!
Just clip any hairbow, any size onto the band and wha-la! :)